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Valet Trash and Recycling Doorstep Collection Service & Amenity

Servicing Multi-Family and Loft Communities

"Keeping Communities Clean One Bag At A Time"


LIXO is owned and operated organization here in Kansas City, MO where we provide valet trash and recycling doorstep collection services. We are KC's 1st valet trash & recycling provider to offer its clients the ability to have what is collected at the doorstep to be hauled off-site! LIXO supports communities going green by participating in our/or an existing recycling program. We LIVE here, We WORK here, and We PLAY here. LIXO is constantly vested in our Kansas City community through various volunteering and networking opportunities.

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Services Offered & Schedule

Luxury Valet Trash Amenity Service

Specializing in (up to) 5 nights per week doorstep trash collection

Resident Process | Place up to 2 tied trash bags (or community approved) in the provided LIXO trash container/bin between 6p - 8p. LIXO Team Members will service your community between 8p - 6a. Small/medium broken down boxes will be collected during this time. In the morning, place your trash container back inside (decorative trash bins are to be left outside).


LIXO Process | A LIXO associate will come by your unit between 8p - 6a and place your trash bag(s) and recycling bag in their leak proof satchels or cart. Trash bags will be placed in the onsite recepticle and recycling will be taken to an offsite facility, unless onsite recycling bin is available. *Read below regarding our new service for which LIXO is KC's 1st valet trash & recycling doorstep collection service to offer even further convenience to your residents and your community.*

Luxury Valet Recycling Amenity Service

Specializing in 2 nights per week doorstep recycling collection

Please partner with us in keeping our environment clean by recycling (reduce and reuse). By placing your recycling in a blue/green/clear bag in or next to your trash can/bin (Sundays and Thursdays), we'll be able to effectively recycle those items onsite/offsite to make our environment a better place.

Additional recycling day service nights can be added for an additional small/unit/month per day fee.

Services Schedule

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Trash Collection (up to 5 nights/wk) | Sundays - Thursdays: 8p - 6a

Recycling Collection | Sundays and Thursdays (or discussed days): 8p - 6a  


No Service The Following Holidays

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day


-Services are postponed for these days; Residents are to place their valet trash and recycling out the following day for collection.

LIXO Valet Trash & Recycling Haul Off-Site Service          aka VTR 360

An available optional service

KC's 1st Valet Trash & Recycling provider to offer the ability to haul off-site the valet trash & recycling collected during your visit! Let's not even worry about utilizing your dumpster/compactor! Don't worry, we'll still periodically check your dumpster/compactor area for debris and clean up around the area as necessary.

LIXO Barcode Scanning & Audit Service

An included service

LIXO includes, in it's Valet Trash & Recycling services, barcode scanning of each trash container placed outside your residents door. We want to get it right the first time. This tool allows us to do so while also being able to provide our clients with a report as necessary.

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